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LPR Head: Armenians are mistaken if they think that protests in Yerevan are not a forerunner of Maidan

Igor Plotnitsky. Photo: lifenews.ru

The ongoing protests in Yerevan are a repetition for a Maidan similar to the Kiev’s one, Igor Plotnitsky, the head of the Lugansk People’s Republic  (LPR),  said today, on June 29.

“These are first steps in how the domestic forces and the world community to react to it,” he said. “Armenians are seriously mistaken if they think that the demonstrations are not a forerunner of Maidan. Both Ukraine and Armenia, the CIS countries, have neglected a fact that the fifth column, their own betrayers, have always been funded from abroad.”

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He believes that the developments in the Armenian capital city show that there are “unhealthy forces inside the country.” The only way to avoid repetition of the bloody events in Ukraine is to choose the way of negotiations, Plotnitsky said.

“If they seek war and bloodshed, let them support the protests. If they want to discuss the problems with the government, let them do it. You have already demonstrated your force, the next step must be negotiations,” the LPR head said addressing the protesters in Yerevan. 

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