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Suspect in murder of Oles Buzina released on US$230,000 bail

Suspected Oles Buzina's murderer being met by supporters after release. Photo: news.liga.net

Denis Polishchuk, a suspect in the murder of Oles Buzina, a Ukrainian journalist who was shot dead near his house, has been released on bail, Radio Liberty reports.  “A 5 million hryvnia bail ($231,000) was paid for Denis Polishchuk's release. Outside the remand prison, some people are waiting for his release,” the source reported. So far, it is not known who stood bail for him. 

According to updated data of LB.ua, Polishchuk was released at 1:03pm. He is talking to reporters. The source reports that Polishchuk was given a notification on today’s court trial as soon as he came out of the prison.

EADaily  reported earlier, two were detained on suspicion in the murder of Oles Buzina on June 18. Andrey Medvedko – a well-known Maidan activist, a member of the nationalist union C14.  Denis Polishchuk -  another Kiev activist, participant in Kiev’s military operation in Donbass.

According to the investigators, Polishchuk and Medveko plotted and committed Buzina’s murder. The Interior Ministry says it allegedly has DNA testing of clothes found on the spot, testimonies of witnesses and other evidence collected by the operative investigation officers.

Polishchuk faced a two-month arrest on June 18. The Kiev Court ordered a 5- million-hryvnia bail. Andrey Medvedko was also arrested for two months.

On April 16 2015, Oles Buzina, a Ukrainian journalist known for his pro-Russian views was shot dead near his house. He was the former editor-in-chief of Segodnya newspaper, who left his post over censorship in March.

A day earlier, on April 15, ex-deputy of the Supreme Rada Oleg Kalashnikov was shot dead in Kiev. It was the first officially confirmed murder of an anti-Maidan activist and the Party of Regions supporter.

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