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Crimea to be energy sufficient by 2018

Photo: tesiaes.ru

In 2018, Crimea will produce 950MW a day and will be able to fully meet its energy needs.

According to Crimea’s Fuel and Energy Minister Sergey Yegorov, today the republic consumes 850MW a day but produces just 180-190MW.

“In 2018 we are going to produce 950MW a day due primarily to 470MW power plant to be built in Sevastopol or near Simferopol (the village of Denisovka). The project is supposed to be launched this autumn. The plant is supposed to have three units, with the last one to be launched in 2025-2030,” Yegorov said.

One more way to increase own generation is to reconstruct the thermal power plants of CrimeaTec and to raise their total capacity to 400MW a day.

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“The capacity of Simferopol TPP is supposed to be increased to 230MW, that of Saki and Kamysh-Burun TPPs to 150-170MW. We are also considering building a 60-100MW TPP in Sevastopol. This all will make Crimea energy sufficient,” Yegorov said.

Despite its reunification with Russia, Crimea still depends on energy supplies from Ukraine. Currently Russia is building an energy bridge via Kerch Strait. In 2016, it is supposed to supply 800MW a day from Krasnodar region to Crimea. This will help the republic to cover its needs in winter, when it consumes as much as 1,000-1,200MW a day.

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Published on June 23rd, 2015 11:36 AM
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