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Parliament of Tajikistan increases control over financial resources of parties

The parliament of Tajikistan

Today, on June 17, members of Majlisi Namoyandagon (lower house of parliament) of Tajikistan have approved a bill on political parties that looks to increase control over incomes and spending of parties.

Leader of the Agrarian Party of Tajikistan Rustam Latifov welcomed the bill saying, “the new document is timely and does not restrict the activity of the parties.”  Leader of the Democratic Party of Tajikistan Saidjafar Ismonov called the amendments necessary in the light of the recent developments in the region.  “Financial control over the activity of the political parties is necessary in the current conditions to guarantee peace and security,” the leader of Tajik Democrats says.

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Justice Minister of Tajikistan Rustam Shohmurod said the only goal of the bill is to “control over the financial activity of the political parties, nothing else.” “The amendments and alterations were drafted as part of the anti-corruption measures,” the minister said. In his words, the authorities look to prevent financing of the political parties by certain groups to avoid the influence of those groups on the state policy of Tajikistan. Rustam Shohmurod explained that the parties are required to register the funds they receive and publish annual reports on their incomes and expenses.

Similar measures have been taken lately to increase the control over financial resources of public organizations.

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