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Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania to request permanent deployment of 3,000 U.S. troops

Photo by pravda.ru

Baltic States are keen to ask the United States to deploy up to 3,000 troops in their territories on a permanent basis, Mindaugas Neimontas, spokesperson for Lithuanian’s chief of defense, told the Lithuanian National Radio today, on May 14.

“The armed forces commanders of the Baltic States have agreed to request permanent deployment of a U.S. military contingent in the Baltic countries as means of deterrence,” he said explaining this with the security situation in the region.

Neimontas said the Baltic States would like to have a brigade-size unit, as it comprises up to 3,000 militaries. “Each of our countries would have a battalion of the allied forces,” he said.

EADaily reported earlier that U.S. troops have already been deployed in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. The deployment term is not determined finally. The forces are rotated constantly.

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