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Kiev tests new “strong point” in Donbass

Photo by nv.ua

Ukraine’s security forces have tested a new small strong point in the south of Donbass today, on May 13, according to the press center of Kiev’s special operation in Donbass.

The special forces shelled with various types of weapons, including ZU-23-2 antiaircraft gun, at the strong point to test its resistance.   After the testing, designers of the strong point said they need a couple of days to improve the facility and build a new one.

Ukraine’s special forces insist that the strong points were developed in Ukraine and allegedly have no analogues in the world. Reportedly, a big number of the given type of strong points will be erected on the combat positions near Mariupol.

As EADaily reported earlier, Ukraine TSN TV announced the results of a virtual comparison of the martial qualities of the world’s bests tanks. It was predictable that the Oplot Ukrainian tank would take the first place leaving behind the world’s best models of tanks, including Russian Armata (which Kiev confused with T90 MC Tagil). The virtual comparison was based on the “analysis” published on the Ukrainian website “Alternative story” three years ago.

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Published on May 13th, 2015 12:59 PM
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