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Lugansk People’s Republic imposes martial law

Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) has imposed martial law. The law came into force today, on May 5, according to the Public Radio of Donbass. The document has been published by LuganskInformCenter.

According to the document, “the decision to impose martial law pursues establishment of conditions necessary to repel or prevent aggression against the Lugansk People’s Republic.” Under the law, “in the period of the martial law, the rights and freedoms of citizens, activity of enterprises, establishments, organizations and their officials can be restricted to the extent necessary for security and defense of the country.”

The document is the legislative basis of the legal regime of the martial law temporarily imposed in the territory of the republic or its separate areas in case of aggression against LPR or a direct threat of aggression. “Aggression against LPR is the use of force by a foreign state (a group of states) against the sovereignty, political independence, and territorial integrity of the LPR or in any other manner inconsistent with the UN Charter,”  the document says.   

Head of the LPR Igor Plotnitsky says possible provocations by Ukrainian military will not hamper festivities on occasion of the Victory Day in LPR on May 9.  “We will hold military parade, anyway,” Plotnitsky told Russia-24 TV. “We expect everything from Ukraine’s authorities. Therefore, I cannot guarantee that Ukraine will make no provocations,” he said.

It is noteworthy that today, the head of the LPR will personally hand over the first ten passports to the residents of the republic who have reached the age of 16, LuganskInformCenter reported on May 4 quoting Plotnitsky. 

The LPR government adopted a decision to provide passports to the citizens at the age of 16 free of charge, for all the others the identity certificate will cost 245 hryvnias (nearly $10).

Earlier, LPR Interior Minister Igor Kornet said the Interior Ministry plans to launch large-scale issue of passports to the residents of the republic who have reached the age of 16 after the May holidays.  He said the ministry is ready to start issuing internal passports within the week. 

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Published on May 5th, 2015 10:37 AM
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