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Levada Center: Russians are dissatisfied with Dmitry Medvedev Cabinet but are not ready to change it

The Russians believe that the Dmitry Medvedev Cabinet is not meeting all of its social obligations and is not efficient in fighting the economic crisis, but they are not ready for its resignation, says a poll by Levada Center.

According to the center’s deputy director Alexey Grazhdankin, the Russians have little idea who might replace the current ministers, so, they don’t think their resignation possible.

The foreign political situation is also having an effect on them: people in Russia are inclined to blame Europe and the United States for their difficulties and are afraid of the chaos that may follow hasty changes in their leadership.

Meanwhile, some 46% of the people asked if the Dmitry Medvedev Cabinet is efficient said it is not (10% of them are certain in their answer), 42% said it is (with only 4% being certain).

More than half of those questioned said that the government is not meeting all of its social obligations (49% said it is meeting part of them, 8% said it is not meeting any).

Aged and better-off people are more critical of the government’s work.

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