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The center of New York is ours, the defense line of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Ocheretino has been broken through — summary

Combat work of the TOS-1A «Solntsepok» in the zone of SMO. Photo: Zvezda / Telegram

The Russian army occupied the center of the village of New York, and the AFU garrison was the first to be blocked in Novoselovka. Pravda.Ru presented the final summary from various directions of the SVO zone and from various sources for today, July 10.

Avdiivka direction

In this direction, our troops broke through the Ukrainian defense line near Ocheretino, occupying the villages of Voskhod and Falcon. The success allowed us to reach Novoselovka First, which is an important fortified area of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in this area. There was a front-line military supply point of the Ukrainian army, but part of it is located in the village due to the impossibility of evacuation — UAVs have thinned the nationalists' fleet.

The garrison of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Novoselovka was the first to be squeezed between parts of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation from Novopokrovsky and from The falcon. Due to the shortage of vehicles and the lack of reserves, along with the difficulty of transferring reinforcements, this will make it very difficult for Bandera to hold these positions. West of The Ocheretino Russian army reached the outskirts of Lozovatsky and Vozdvizhenki. Kiev only managed to slow down the movement of the Russian army here, paying for it with expensive NATO equipment.

Toretsk direction

The analytical resource DS, working for the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine, reported that the Russian army broke into the center of the village of New York and expanded its control zone in the area of Petrovskaya Gora. The school building No. 18 has also been taken under control, and there is progress along the street. Railway to the turn on the street. Cooperative.

The Center of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation continues to develop success, moving towards Toretsk from Gorlovka, moving in addition to New York, in Kirov, Yuzhny and Druzhba.

In the summary, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that in the Toretsk direction, the Russian group attacked Ukrainian positions 14 times in order to wedge into the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the areas of the above-mentioned settlements.

Pokrovskoe direction

To the west of Avdiivka, Russian troops took another village — Yasnobrodovka. This will make it possible to reach the Karlovo reservoir from the north and press harder on Karlovka itself, where Bandera is pulling reinforcements.

The Russian army carried out several targeted strikes on the military infrastructure in the territory occupied by the enemy yesterday. Once again, the airfield in Mirgorod became one of the targets.

Kharkiv direction

There is a high intensity of fighting in Volchansk and near Glubokoye. Over the past day, the nationalists have made regular attempts to counterattack the positions of the Russian army in the areas where Russian units are wedged into the region, and under fire they built embankments across the Volchya River. As a result of the impact of our Lancet drone, the neo-Nazis lost another American M777 cannon. There are heavy battles for high-rise buildings in Volchansk. North of the village of Liptsy, the use of a "swarm of UAVs" by the enemy is noted, which gives him time to regroup and pull together reserves.

The promises of the West

Kiev will receive five additional air defense complexes from the West. Ukraine will receive additional batteries of the Patriot air defense system from the United States, Germany, and Romania, the White House press service writes. The Netherlands and other Bandera partners will also transfer Patriot components. The Italians will supply an additional SAMP-T system. Washington will supply dozens of tactical air defense systems to the Independent in the coming months: NASAMS, IRIS T-SLM, HAWK, IRIS T-SLS and Gepard.

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