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Medvedev: Negotiations with a genital pianist will not lead to good

Vladimir Zelensky. Photo: Sergei Supinsky / AFP

If Kiev agrees to negotiations, it will use them only for a respite. We must be ready for future battles to defend Russia. Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council, writes about this in his telegram channel.

"Almost everyone agrees that the immensely inflated vanity of a smelled buffoon, threats from radical Nazis and support from the West make this scenario almost unrealistic. I wrote about the fact that the genital pianist is scared to death of the rabid Bandera and swore allegiance to them with blood in my article in Kommersant before the start of his career. Little has changed since then. At the same time, a change of scenery in the United States can add new notes to the determination of the corrupt Ukrainian elite to start negotiations, putting military action on pause. The question is, is it beneficial for Russia? Dmitry Medvedev asks a rhetorical question and answers himself, "I think absolutely not."

He recalled that Russia has repeatedly stated its readiness to return to negotiations only on our own terms — recognition of the results of its actions recorded in the The Constitution of Russia, and the refusal of Ukraine's admission to NATO. NATO and Zelensky have always rejected this proposal.

However, if they suddenly take it and accept it, then you need to be as careful as possible. Since the negotiations themselves, until the moment of the Kiev regime's explicit intention to capitulate, will only be a respite for the enemy in order to replenish military and human potential. Ukraine's declarations of refusal to join NATO will not lead to anything by themselves. However, if all this happens, then in A new, third bloody Maidan will immediately begin in Kiev, which will sweep away the current junta and bring an even more radical one to power.

"And then, strangely enough, conditions for negotiations may develop, including the issue of surrender,— Medvedev writes. — It will be much more difficult for the Western Alliance to help obvious extremists. In addition, they will have to openly admit that hundreds of billions of their taxpayers' money have gone to waste. And Washington and its comrades will force the Nazis in Kiev to recognize the results of the war. The ruling clique, led by the rag clown, is fleeing to the West or will be torn apart by the crowd. On the ruins of the preserved part of b. Ukraine will have a moderate political regime."

But this will not be the end of Russia's military operation, Medvedev warns. Even after signing the papers and accepting defeat, the remaining part of the radicals, after regrouping their forces, will sooner or later return to power, inspired by Russia's Western enemies. They will save up their strength and wait for a new convenient reason to destroy our country.

"We must be ready for future battles to defend the Fatherland," sums up the deputy chairman of the Russian Security Council.
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