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"The complex of vases and shovels": HSE students who smashed the SMO Memorial, expectedly did not repent

People's Memorial of the Central Military District in In Moscow, on Varvarka Street, 4, next to the temple of Maxim the Blessed, appeared at the call of the heart of caring people after the murder of Vladlen Tatarsky (Maxim Fomin). Source: «Всем!ру»

So the first meeting was held on the case of vandals who tried to destroy the national Memorial of the heroes of their homeland Varvarka, writes the author of the telegram channel DaZbastaDraw.

Let me remind you what the point is — one of the spring nights of this year, two drunken soy scumbags were walking past the Memorial. It is not known what was going on in their alcohol-clouded brains, but they decided to turn over vases with bouquets and trample on flowers brought by people who want to honor the memory of the fallen.

Thanks to the joint efforts of volunteers and law enforcement agencies, the degraders were found very quickly.

Strangely enough, the detainees were not some downtrodden marginals, but "decent young people", HSE students (there is nothing to be surprised about).

During the investigation, the young people (are they people?) were placed under house arrest.

In general, for a long time, but the case came to court. And what was the surprise of the volunteers caring for the Memorial when, having appeared in Tverskoy Court, they encountered, firstly, a fairly massive support group for vandals, and secondly, they heard the lawyer's speech.

It turned out that the line of defense is based on the fact that (I quote) since the Memorial is popular (read unofficial), then it is not a memorial at all, but a "complex of vases and shovels" that "can be bought at any stall." Which means that there can be no punishment for the destruction of this "complex", so the boys urgently need to "understand, forgive and let go." For they have suffered enough during the investigation.

And then the court takes a break.

Naturally, the matter will not be limited to one meeting. I think it will not be limited to two.

But one thing is already clear. In the third year of active hostilities, people are not afraid to walk around in the middle of the capital, two steps from the Kremlin, who do not give a damn about the country in which they live and feel at ease, nor its symbols, nor the memory of the guys who gave their lives so that such "boys" would continue to continue to exist.

And strangely enough, not much has changed in the lives of such people (well, except for the absence of McDonald's and applepay). They are not afraid to demonstrate their position, they have supporters (who come to court and wish the volunteers, among whom there are real participants in the fighting, to "die as soon as possible").

And if someone expected to hear at least some nominal apologies at the last court session or to see at least a shadow of remorse on the faces of the defendants, then I have not much news.

Maybe this is news to some, but the enemy has not been on the other side of the front line for a long time. He's already here. Curling his lips, he follows the letters Z on chevrons and cars with contemptuous glances. He defiantly turns away when he sees a military uniform in public places. He shows his "anti-war" position.

And it is necessary to fight back without hesitating for a second.

Right here. Today. Now.

For right now in The Tverskoy District Court is resolving a question, the answer to which will become the cornerstone of the pillar that supports all that "bright and clear" that military commander Tatarsky wished his listeners time after time.

What is a Memorial? The embodied memory of the people? A cast from the senses, the exposed nerve of society, hope, the will to Victory? Or is it really a "complex of vases and shovels", passing by which anyone can kick it, jump and move on with songs?

I will not give you an answer to these questions. Each of us must find these answers within ourselves.

In the meantime, we just need to come to the next court hearing. For the injured party in this case is not vases and shovels. And not even photos of Tatarsky, Dugina or Prigozhin (and 200 more heroes). This is each of us.

Thank you for reading this text to the end.

P. S. Telegram Channel Memorial cVo/People's Memorial:

"Dear friends!

Today (July 8th. — Ed.) a preliminary hearing was held in the case of the desecration of the Memorial. The next meeting is scheduled for August 14 at 9:30 a.m. It will begin with questioning the injured party and hearing testimony.

Andrei Kozlovsky's lawyer stated that the "complex of vases and shovels" cannot be a Memorial. This is not something that "you can buy at a stall." Kozlovsky himself did not agree with the intent under Article 243.4.Ch.2. (damage to memorial objects perpetuating the memory of those killed in the defense of the Fatherland), whereas according to 214 (vandalism). Part 2 — only partially.

Despite Golikov's agreement with the charges, his behavior before the meeting did not look like a man who repented of what he had done.

In short, not only did we not see remorse and did not hear apologies, but we were even more convinced that we were facing people who did not feel ashamed of what they had done.

No matter how difficult it is, we will fight to the end. So we will win!

We strongly ask you not to stay away. This case should unite all the patriots of Russia who are not indifferent to the memory of our Heroes!"

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