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Estonia is becoming increasingly dependent on the import of a popular product

Photo: Peter Schad / unsplash.com

The area of potato cultivation in Estonia turned out to be smaller in 2024 than ever before. This is reported by the Estonian edition ERR.EE .

According to the country's Statistics Department, the area of potato plantings in Estonia, which has been declining in recent years, decreased by 8% in 2024 and is therefore the lowest in the entire history of the state.

Ege Kirs, a leading analyst at the Statistical Office of Estonia, noted that in 2024 farmers grow potatoes on 3,200 hectares, 250 hectares of which are owned by households.

"Just 10 years ago, potatoes were grown on an area almost twice as large, that is, 6,300 hectares, and 20 years ago — on an area five times larger," Kirs clarified.

EADaily has also previously reported big problems with potatoes and Turkey.

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