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A fly in the ointment in the Starmer's barrel: you can start the countdown

The leader of the UK Labour Party, Keir Starmer. Photo by Ian Forsyth / Getty Images

We can start counting down how long it remains before the collapse of the rating of the new British Prime Minister Keir Starmer and the beginning of the collapse of his loose faction, since no one believes in the agenda of the Labour Party. Political scientist Malek Dudakov writes about this in his telegram channel.

Labor's victory was not without a fly in the ointment. They set a record — never before in British history has a party won an election with just 32% of the vote. And for the Tories and Nigel Farage's reform party voted even more in total.

Independent pro-Palestinian candidates beat the Labor Party in four districts at once. Even the Labor Minister for Postal Affairs — and an active supporter of Israel — suddenly lost. Former party leader Jeremy Corbyn with a pro-Palestinian agenda also managed to win.

Newly minted Prime Minister Keir Starmer will have to deal with the first crisis on the move — a strike by doctors demanding a 35% salary increase. And this is not to mention the migrant crisis, the lack of social housing and waiting lists for doctors in 20-30 weeks.

The problem of winning Labour is the same as that of losing Conservatives. The British government has an acute shortage of money. The state budget deficit is 120 billion pounds, and it is necessary to spend more on paying interest on the national debt than on military service. There is nowhere to take funds either for raising salaries for doctors, or for investments in infrastructure or the army.

So we can already start counting down how much remains before the collapse of Starmer's rating and the beginning of the disintegration of his loose faction. This shows the spirit of the times — no one believes in the agenda of the Labor Party. They were voted for only to destroy the Tories. Well, the next in line will be the Labor Party itself, which will face the same disintegration in the near future.

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