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Mashkov's daughter, who left for the United States, asked the FSB for help

Masha Mashkova. Illustration: «VDUD» / YouTube

The actress who left In Russia, Masha Mashkova turned to the FSB for help. She outlined the request on her social media account.

According to Mashkova, in the Telegram messenger on her behalf, friends and acquaintances of the actress receive messages asking for money.

"I know that several FSB employees have subscribed to me from fake accounts. Please help me while you keep an eye on my bad behavior," Mashkova wrote.

As reported by EADaily, Mashkova is the daughter of Vladimir Mashkov, People's Artist of Russia, head of the Union of Theatrical Figures and artistic director of the Moscow Tabakov Theater. The political positions of father and daughter are diametrically opposed. Earlier, Mashkova made a public appeal to her father and said that she did not have enough parents abroad.

Mashkov himself said that for those who left, he has only one word — contempt.

Mashkova left for the United States long before the start of the special military operation. In November last year, in an interview, she said that she had received a US passport. She also changed her name: now she is not Mashkova Maria Vladimirovna, but Masha Mashkova.

Also in a recent interview, she said that she no longer hopes to meet her father, that time has passed. At the moment, it is impossible to imagine such an initiative on his part, or on the part of Mashkova herself.

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