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Russian Duma appoints Kudrin as head of Audit Chamber

The Russian State Duma has appointed Alexey Kudrin to the post of the chair of the Audit Chamber. 264 from 350 MPs voted for his candidature at a plenary session today.

Speaking of Kudrin, President’s Representative at the State Duma Garry Minkh said that he has extensive professional background, qualifications and other requirements envisaged by the federal law to be the chair of the Audit Chamber.

In his speech, Alexey Kudrin thanked the president and MPs for the confidence and said that the Audit Chamber is not only for parliamentary, but for public control as well.

He promised that the chamber will be a source of objective, unbiased information on the issue of keen interest for the MPs and the electorate.

Kudrin said he would quit most foundations and NGOs he is a member to.

On May 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed Alexey Kudrin’s candidature for the post of the Audit Chamber chair.

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