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Moldovan prime minister sees European integration as domestic policy issue

Pavel Filip

Moldova’s Prime Minister Pavel Filip has announced that the republic is not ready yet to join the European Union. It is too early to apply for accession to the EU. Our country is hardly ready for such a step in 2018-19,” the prime minister said.

According to him, at the current stage, the European integration is a question of domestic, not foreign policy. “Now we see the process in a little bit a different way. We speak of bringing the EU to Moldova,” he noted.

Filip specified that joining the EU means that Moldova must raise its domestic standards to the European level. He stressed that he meant not only European standards in the legislation, but the everyday life of the people.

He explained that on the way to Europe it is important for Moldova to synchronize its steps with other partners, Georgia and Ukraine. Filip informed that the leadership of the republic together with those countries would address the EU asking for additional financing.

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