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Pristina preparing for “care” over Kosovo Serbs

Behgjet Pacolli. Photo: Blic

Pristina has no intention of discussing the exchange of territories with Belgrade, the only admissible option for it is mutual recognition, Kosovo “foreign minister” Behgjet Pacolli has announced.

“Kosovo has never and will never discuss the question of exchanging territories with Serbia or the ideas of dividing Kosovo that seem to be deeply rooted in the thinking of Belgrade politicians since 1990s,” Pacolli posted in Twitter.

He called on Serbian politicians to meet at a negotiation table and discuss “a legally binding agreement on normalization of the relations and mutual recognition.”

Meanwhile, Director of the Serbian Government’s Kosovo and Metohija Office Marko Djuric announced that Pristina is preparing a plan under which the essence of the agreements reached in the framework of the Brussels Agreement regarding establishment of the Community of Serb Municipalities will be lost. At a news conference held on April 7 in Belgrade, Djuric said that Belgrade learned details of the plan and stressed that the Serbian party will not allow “political maneuvering” that could infringe upon the rights of Kosovo Serbs.

“Instead of working on establishing the Community of Serb Municipalities, the authorities in Pristina will form an institution of ‘care’ over Kosovo Serbs that is not in line with the essence of the Brussels Agreement. They will not see this movie,” Djuric is quoted as saying by RTS.

The Serbian official also added that Serbs continue to form the community in accordance with agreements previously reached.

As EAD reported earlier, Belgrade insists that Pristina must fulfill its obligations under the Brussels Agreement. Pristina insists that the community must be formed “in accordance with the constitution and legislation” of the separatist republic. In this case, Djuric said, the community will have such levers that can let comparing it with only an NGO.

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