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Details of suicide of Ukrainian pilot suspected in MH17 crash revealed

Vladislav Voloshin

A former Ukrainian air force officer, acting director of Nikolayev International Airport Vladislav Voloshin committed a suicide because of psychological troubles, a friend of him Yuri Butusov said.

According to him, on the eve before the suicide Voloshin suddenly shrank into himself.

“After returning from the front line, Vlad needed assistance of a psychist; sometimes what he had lived there reminded of itself. At the war he overcame his fear barrier. But he did not turn to therapists. His was not surprised at the sudden change of his mood, as it happened to him before,” RT quotes Butusov as saying.

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Meanwhile, he noted that the relations of the former pilot with Nikolayev Region Administration were of working nature. The head of the Nikolayev Region Police took the investigation of pilot Voloshin’s death under his control.

As EADaily reported earlier, Ukrainian pilot Vladislav Voloshin shot himself to death in the city of Nikolayev. Voloshin was the man whom his colleague Yevgeny Agapov accused of being involved in making the Malaysian Boeing 777 crash that occurred on July 17, 2014. All Voloshin’s family was at home when the shot was heard.

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