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Putin on new prime minister, constitutional reform and new term

Russian president-elect Vladimir Putin has announced that he plans no constitutional reform that can influence the balance of powers. He made the statement to reporters after the March 18 election day.

Answering a question on who will be next prime minister, Putin said: “Of course, I am thinking of it, and start thinking of it in detail since today, when the election outcomes are announced. However, I will announce all the changes after the inauguration.”

Asked if he thinks of returning to the president’s office in 2030, Putin said: “What you are taking about I find a bit ridiculous. Let’s calculate. Do you think I will be sitting here till I am 100, don’t you? No, I won’t.”

The president-elect said he planned to meet all the other candidates: “The administration will get in touch with them, we shall arrange it and I will invite them.”

Asked if a new Vladimir Putin is to be seen in next six years, he answered: “Change is all around us. We all do change.”

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