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Foreign Ministry of Hungary: No agreements with Kiev on education law

The statement of the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasily Bodnar about settlement of the "language issue" with Hungary, which he made in social networks, aroused bafflement in Budapest.

"With cautious optimism, we can say that lengthy negotiations with the Hungarian side resulted in the agreement of key positions: about the ways to settle the ‘language issue,’ start of joint border control, development of border infrastructure," Bodnar wrote on Twitter.

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry quickly clarified the matter. "There is no agreement on the Ukrainian law on education, Ukraine still does not follow the recommendations of the Venice Commission," said Tamás Menczer, spokesman for the Hungarian Foreign Ministry.

He added that "the position of the Hungarian government is firm and unchanged." Also, Menczer said that the Hungarian government would abandon the "policy of blocking international aspirations" of Ukraine, if the Hungarians of Transcarpathia "say that all the details of the law on education have been agreed upon."

"We are still far from this," said the Hungarian diplomat.

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