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Transnistria’s special status “will not hamper Moldova’s European track”

Moldova’s Re-Integration Minister, Deputy Prime Minister Gheorghe Bălan has announced that Transnistria’s special status should not hamper Moldova’s European track.

According to Balan, who represents Chisinau in talks with Tiraspol, it is quite difficult to say when the status will be granted.

“The new status of the region must be viable; it should not affect social, economic and political stability in the country, neither should hamper pursuing the European track of the Republic of Moldova and improving living standards of the citizens on both banks of the Dniester River,” Balan said.

At the same time, they at the Moldovan government say that Transnistria refuses to discuss any political aspects of unification. “Earlier, we have already seen that some issues are being blocked, but then we managed to solve them. Hopefully, are efforts will be a success this time. Besides, it is important that after a solution is found, a plan for development of re-integrated territories is to be developed while maintaining the pro-European policy of the country and ensuring people’s wealth,” the deputy prime minister noted.

On Dec 11, the Moldovan Constitutional Court delivered a positive verdict on securing the no-alternative pro-European policy in the constitution.

EADaily reported earlier that according to Transnistrian President Vadim Krasnoselsky, the republic will continue insisting upon the idea of independence and international recognition based on the outcomes of the 2006 referendum, when more than 90% of the citizens spoke for independence with further accession to Russia.

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