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Putin: Russia ready to supply gas to northern Iran via Azerbaijan

Photo: kremlin.ru

Russia is ready to supply gas to northern Iran via pipelines of Azerbaijan, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced in Tehran after a meeting with the leaders of Iran and Azerbaijan.

He stressed that despite large amounts of hydrocarbons produced in every of the countries, each one has interest in supplying them to each other. For instance, Russia confirms its readiness to deliver gas to northern Iran via pipeline routes in Azerbaijan, which can be economically effective for its partners, he said.

As Putin noted, the parties discussed vital issues regarding stability, combating crime, terrorism, but the top priority was given to economic problems.

He added that the North-South Corridor has been tested in work regime. Last year, there were supplies from India via Iran to Russia and further. The route its economic effectiveness, he said. “It is widely known that Russia, Iran, and Azerbaijan are major hydrocarbon producers, but this does not mean we must be rivals. It means we need to coordinate our efforts. By the way, the coordination within OPEC frameworks has already born positive outcomes; it would have been impossible, had countries that are not members of the organization joined the output freeze. The same is going on within the frameworks of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum. Here, we are cooperating too and will continue doing so,” the Russian president said.

Putin expressed hope that soon the countries complete coordination of all the agreements that are to be signed on the Caspian Sea status.

According to Putin, the presidents discussed in detail the security situation in the region and issues concerning the treaty on the Iranian nuclear issue, as well as the situation in Syria.

Putin stressed the work with Iran was very productive. “We are successfully coordinating our positions on the Syrian issue. Thanks to our joint effort and Turkey’s effort, as you know, the situation is developing in a positive way in the territory related to combatting terrorism, as is the negotiation process in Astana, and the next round of which has just ended successfully. There are many problems and questions left, none of which can be settled unilaterally,” Vladimir Putin said.

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