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Russian peacekeepers to remain in Transnistria

After completing the second stage of the planned rotation, the Russian motorized infantry battalion will continue fulfilling its peacekeeping tasks in the Transnistrian security zone till October 2018, press office of the Russian Armed Forces Western Military District reports.

The military personnel of the battalion has loaded standard weapon, equipment and marched to the Central Sector of the Security Area (Dubasari) for a rotation at peacekeeping posts. The next stage will include rotation of motorized infantry battalion at the South Sector of the Security Area.

“After the second stage of the rotation is over, the peacekeeping battalion that was trained in 2017 at the base of the Operative Group of the Russian Armed Forces in the Transnistrian region of the Republic of Moldova will implement peacekeeping tasks in the security zone till October 2018,” the press office reports.

EADaily informed earlier that the pro-Western coalition in Moldova asked to put on the agenda of the 72nd UN General Assembly the question of complete withdrawal of “foreign troops from the territory of Moldova”. This was preceded by a verdict of the Constitutional Court that equaled the Russian peacekeepers to “occupational troops”.

After some Moldovan public figured supposed that the country withdraws from the 1992 agreement on principles of the peaceful settlement of the Moldovan-Transnistrian conflict on the Dniester River, Transnistrian NGOs launched a campaign to collect signatures in support of the current peacekeeping format.

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