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Washington’s Balkan Mujahideens

Lavdrim Muhaxheri

Since the collapse of Yugoslavia, the West, represented by Germany and even Vatican, has been actively supporting the newly formed separatist units. The Americans have gone even farther: they have turned Islam and the local Muslim Albanians and Bosniaks into instruments of their policy in the region. At the initial stage, that policy was effective but recently the vassals began disobeying and surprising their suzerain.

A few days ago, after his visit to Brussels, Hashim Thaci, once an Albanian ringleader and now a respectable partner and even a “President,” said that the talks with Serbia were heading for the happy ending – peace, friendship and good neighborhood. What that rural hoodlum (who has now acquired some good manners) means by “happy ending” is clear: Serbia will be forced to recognize the loss of Kosovo – once the citadel of its statehood, the land Saint Lazar of Serbia and many other Serbian noblemen gave their lives for. Time will show if Aleksandar Vucic and his government will find any counter-arguments to Thaci’s bold-faced statement. Thaci and his Albanian gang should be more decent in what they say but their predatory nature is breaking out from under their expensive suits.

From under NATO’s colors towards a black flag

While Thaci was touring Europe, the U.S. authorities detained an employee of the “Kosovo embassy” in New York. And the charge was not espionage but an attempt to sell fifteen machine guns and one mortar to a Mexican gang. A son of a bitch! But this is his nature! At least, he is their own son of a bitch.

One more such son was caught in Syria, near Idlib. All of a sudden, former NATO soldier, Kosovo Albanian Lavdrim Muhaxheri “saw the light” and turned into Abu Abdullah al Kosova or the “Butcher of the Balkans” – one of the butchers of ISIL. Once a protector of freedom and democracy in Afghanistan, he began cutting the throats of Shias, Christians and Alawites and cursing his former bosses. And most interesting fact here is that that new threat was eliminated by the troops of the “bloody dictator” Assad and his Russian allies rather than by the “retaliatory forces” of the United States.

According to some sources, as many as 300 Kosovo Albanians are fighting for ISIL today – perhaps, as a thank-you for the West’s efforts to give them independence and to expel Serbs from their land.

Bloodlust with no time limitation

But we can’t say that the Kosovars have not become more civilized. For example, in Pristina, they have created a court to try the crimes committed... by the Kosovo Liberation Army! The organization that before NATO’s aggression against Serbia was regarded as terrorist but was suddenly transformed into an army of romantic fighters for liberty, the organization whose leaders are now the rulers of the “state” of Kosovo.

Does this mean that Thaci will face tribunal for selling the organs of kidnapped Serbs? There have been cases when Western bosses punished their minions but only if they began biting their hands – as was the case with Manuel Noriega. The Kosovo minions are clever enough not to do it. So, they have high chances to avoid punishment.

On the other hand, in less radical Bosnia, the authorities are beginning to take some steps to punish the most bloody Islamists for their atrocities against Serbs. They have even placed under house arrest Naser Oric, the “brigadier” who killed over 3,000 Serbs near Srebrenica in the 1990s.

One more Bosnian hero, Sakib Mahmuljin, whose El Mujahedeen unit comprised Islamist crooks from all over the Arab world and even Iran, is also facing charges. Once he boasted of having presented the first Bosnian President Alija Izetbegovic and his Iranian counterpart 28 heads of Serbian POWs.

One of those who survived, Milorad Panic, is now testifying against Mahmuljin. He has told the court that Mahluljin’s men beat him and the other prisoners with iron rods, kept them in a basement full of water, put methanol in their drinking water. His testimonies have shocked even the thickest-skinned western partners.


In the meantime, the other “heroes” continue enjoying their high offices and big cash. The only exception is the son of Alija Izetbegovic, Bakir, the unofficial leader of his father’s Party of Democratic Action, who has recently been criticized by the Bosnian office of the Muslim Brotherhood and the leader of the Muslim Union for a Better Future of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Alija Izetbegovic’s comrade, journalist, businessman and politician Fahrudin Radoncic. The latter say that the Izetbegovic family provoked the events in Srebrenica so as to give NATO a freehand to strike the Serbs and with a view to gain unlimited and West-sponsored power in Bosnia and Herzegovina. But their key charge is that Bakir has entered into collusion with Serbian and Croatian leaders and has prevented BIH from becoming a mono-ethnic state. But as they say, “the falling out of lovers is the renewal of love”: despite his charges, Radoncic openly supports Izetbegovic’s party and will do it as long as this support gives him benefits.

The Bosniaks and the Albanians are showing no such “love” for each other – perhaps, because they have very different mentalities. Unlike the Albanians, the Bosniaks have no clans or mafia.

In any case, when in Brussels, Bosnian Foreign Minister, Serb Igor Crnadak said that his country was against Kosovo’s admission into the World Customs Organization. Even more, unlike the once pro-Serbian Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina has refused to recognize Kosovo’s independence. And the Serbs have a small if any role here. Perhaps, the Bosniaks know so much about the Albanians that even the West’s pressure is unable to deafen their self-preservation instinct.

So, things in the Balkans are not as clear as they may seem and though pretending to be friendly to each other, Washington’s Balkan allies have own ambitions and plans. We can predict only their next steps but we are not able to say how this game will end. Only a fool will dare to predict anything in the Balkans.

Alexey Toporov

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Published on July 6th, 2017 09:34 PM
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