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Dodon: There is no true democracy in Moldova

President of Moldova Igor Dodon says Democratic Party’s (DPRM) initiative to cancel parliamentary immunity will run contrary to the principle of independence of parliamentarians. A day earlier, Vice Chairman of the Democratic Party Andrian Candu said Democratic Party faction registered a relevant bill in the parliament.

According to the president, with the bill the Democratic Party “seeks additional instrument for pressure and political blackmailing of its coalition partners and opposition parliamentarians.”

“Their goal is painfully obvious. Cancelling parliamentary immunity will help the Democratic Party look more ‘convincing’ in their talks with coalition partners. Besides, the authorities will try to frighten opposition parliamentarians with frame-ups to make them either shut up or take a ‘neutral’ stance,” Dodon said.

Igor Dodon is sure that the parliamentary majority hopes to influence the president’s institute too.

“Attacking the Socialist parliamentarians with frame-ups, they seek to make me tolerant to their anti-social and wrong geopolitical projects,” he says.

At the same time, the Moldovan leader plans to return to the issue of parliamentary immunity after the next parliamentary elections “when public trust in government agencies grows certainly and they get out of political pressure.”

“Democrats are in power in the country, however, there is no true democracy in the country. In the country where law just serves political leadership, refusal from parliamentary immunity is inadmissible,” Dodon said.

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