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Moldovan president refuses to accept defense minister’s resignation

Acting Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti has declined the resignation letter of Defense Minister Anatol Salaru as he sees no sufficient grounds for his resignation.

According to Timofti’s Spokesman Ion Paduraru, the president has asked Prime Minister Pavel Filip to provide more arguments in support of Salaru’s resignation and to suggest who might replace him.

“According to Moldova’s constitution, the President of Moldova is also the chief commander of its army. So, he cannot leave his country without defense minister. The best way here would be to urgently find a substitute for Salaru,” Paduraru said.

However, Timofti rejected the candidacy of Valeriu Munteanu, who was nominated by the leader of the Liberal Party Mihai Ghimpu.

“The president has no sufficient grounds for dismissing pro-European, pro-NATO Salaru, who has made serious achievements in his professional activities,” Paduraru said.

As EADaily reported earlier, Ghimpu is going to insist on Salaru’s resignation and Munteanu’s urgent appointment as, according to him, newly elected President Igor Dodon may dismiss Munteanu’s candidacy because of his unionist views.

Dodon has already said that one of his first steps will be the dismissal of Salaru. Dodon does not share Salaru’s unionist views and his wish to make Moldova a NATO member.

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