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Moldovan opposition wants president to be more decisive

The Dignity and Truth Platform Party has urged new President of Moldova Igor Dodon to take measures to stabilize the situation in the country.

The leader of the party Andrei Nastase believes that Dodon must do it within ten days after his inauguration.

“His first step must be a request to foreign special services with a view to find and return the stolen billion,” Nastase said.

He also believes that Dodon must not promulgate some of the laws ratified by his predecessor Nicolae Timofti. He means the laws on the pension reform, capital liberalization and tax incentives.

“We also want Dodon to fire the Prosecutor General, who has been elected illegally,” Nastase said.

His deputy Alexander Slusari added that Dodon’s plans to prohibit unionist movements, to introduce lessons of Moldova’s history and to grant Transnistria the status of a sub-federal entity might cause further split in the society.

“This may foster hatred among citizens, while the law on federalization may cause a civil war. Instead, Dodon must unite his people against the oligarchic regime and must do all he promised to do when he was an oppositionist,” Slusari said.

Nastase and Slusari have urged other opposition forces to come together against the oligarchic regime and to resume protest actions.

“Protests will be our key legal weapon against the ruling anti-national regime,” Nastase said.

In 2015, when in opposition, Dodon, jointly with Nastase and Renato Usatii from Our Party, held mass protest actions and insisted on dissolving the parliament.

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