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Supporters of Moldova’s unification with Romania admit their failure

The supporters of the unification of Moldova and Romania continue protesting against the presidential election result and the victory of socialist-supported candidate Igor Dodon.

The organizers warned to drive about 12,000 discontented people to the streets of Chisinau, but in fact about 150 of their supporters joined them.

“Stay at home and the next four years we will be having a socialist-president Igor Dodon. We fail to unite and protest,” said Anatoly Ursu, the leader of Moldova’s Youth Movement. Romania flags were installed in the city central square. The protesters demanding repeated voting have made some new demands too, including resignation of the foreign minister and the head of the Central Election Commission. They harshly criticized also Maia Sandu, the only candidate of the pro-European candidate.

The Dignity and Truth Party that previously participated in the anti-governmental actions together with Socialists and Our Party have expressed its support to the protesters.

International observers from the OSCE, PACE, and CIS have confirmed that the election was in line with international standards and the local laws.

As EADaily reported earlier, Igor Dodon, Leader of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) warned those protesting against his victory in the presidential runoff with large-scale counter-protests. The president elect has warned everyone opposing his victory that speculations may spark counter-protests.

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