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Dodon promises counter-protests

Igor Dodon, Leader of the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova (PSRM) warns those protesting against his victory in the presidential runoff with large-scale counter-protests. The president elect has warned everyone opposing his victory that speculations may spark counter-protests.

“We, the pro-Moldovan state parties, have been waiting for this victory for seven years,” Dodon said addressing his rivals and warning that his victory will be protected.

“During the last four years, I had organized 560 protests. Don’t try to get a tiger by the tail,” Dodon said.

Socialists, in turn, say they are ready to take to the streets in support of Dodon. “I call everyone to calm down. No one should start protesting, unless I tell him. Do not provoke the 830,000 voters that supported me. I have come to quiet the passions,” Dodon said.

According to the PSRM leader, there was no election rigging. “It was a fair, pure victory of the pro-Moldovan forces,” he said.

As EADaily reported earlier, after Igor Dodon won the presidential election that was held in Moldova on November 13, the Honor, Dignity and Motherland (ODIP — Onoare, Demnitate și Patrie) civil platform urged everyone who disagrees with the voting result to take to the streets on November 14. The protesters chanting slogans for union of Moldova and Romania gathered in the central square in Chisinau demanding repeat voting. The protests continued also today, on November 15.

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Published on November 15th, 2016 04:02 PM
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