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Uzbekistan closes borders

Uzbekistan has announced that it closes its borders for individuals, transport and cargo from Kyrgyzstan and other countries. The measure does not apply to resident of the Kyrgyz exclave Barak.

According to a statement of the Kyrgyzstani State Border Service released on June 15, Uzbekistan imposed the restrictions against all the neighboring countries, including as well Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. According to preliminary information, they will be in force till June 25.

Uzbekistan has not given official information on reasons of the measure. Officials only refuted some reports that Tashkent will be closed for foreigners during a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to be held on June 23-24, however, they informed there will be some limitations of entrance to the city.

Local press has published several features about preparations for the summit, that may be looking unprecedentedly pompous. One of the articles says about security at the summit, stating that police officers have been on high alert for several weeks. According to officers, their service resembles hell, as mass rallies are often held in the country and they have to guard them for hours or even days acting as human shields in order to prevent incidents. An officer complained that preparations for the SCO summit have become a nightmare; people are exhausted physically and psychologically.

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Published on June 15th, 2016 12:44 PM
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