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Ukraine sees Russian aggression in Moldova’s sanctions against Ukraine

Stepan Kubiv, Ukraine's First Deputy Prime Minister. Photo: forbes.ua

Ukrainian Economic Development Minister Stepan Kubiv sees Russian aggression in Moldova’s trade sanctions against Ukraine.

“This decision was made on the insistence of Moldova’s national producers and we see Russia’s hand in this,” Kubiv during at the Ukrainian Cabinet’s last meeting.

He added that Ukraine might respond with own sanctions.

As EADaily reported earlier, the Moldova authorities have imposed protective quotas and duties on Ukrainian cattle breeding products and cement: 10% for +1,000 tons of milk, 15-20% for +750 tons of butter and cheese, 15% for +250 tons of meat, 10% for +500 tons of cement. The duties will be in force till the end of this year. The quotas are based on the “first in, first served” principle.

The decision followed unfair rivalry complaints by Moldova milk and meat producers. According to Moldova’s Economy Ministry, in 2015 dairy and meat product imports from Ukraine grew significantly. More specifically, cheese imports grew by 33%, while sausage imports by 14 times.

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