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Prominent Kiev political analyst falling nine stories to his death: was he killed?

Andrey Doroshenko, a well-known Ukrainian political analyst died after falling nine floors down from an apartment block in Solomensky district in Kiev. He could have supposedly committed suicide, but witnesses told journalists he was not a resident of that building. The police say it could be a murder, Oksana Blischik, spokesperson of the Chief Department of the Kiev National Police, told 112 Ukraine TV.

“The crime-scene investigation team interrogated the witnesses and found out that nearly thirty minutes before the incident, a man was seen staying next to the open window on the 9th floor. The he was found dead in the yard of the same building. Consequently, the police qualify the incident under Article 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (murder). However, there could be other probable reasons: accident, suicide, natural death etc. In the given case, the key assumption is suicide. However, under criminal proceedings, the police are to find out why the man was in the given building, what he was doing there, and what are the direct motives of the crime,” she said.

The police representative said the body of the man has been sent for forensic examination to determine the reason of the death. Investigation continues, she said.

In the period from 2009 up to 2010, Doroshenko worked at a Kiev-based Institute of Global Studies. In 2011, he joined the Center of Leading Legal Initiatives as expert. Prior to the incident, the political analyst was invited to the television, where he told about the methods of creating conflicts in Ukraine. In particular, Doroshenko compared the recent actions of activists near the president’s administration with the Maidan. 

EADaily reported earlier that several scandalous crimes were registered in Ukraine during the recent past year. In March 2015, Alexander Peklushenko, the former governor of Ukraine's Zaporizhia region, died of gunshot wound at home.  Mikhail Chechetov, jumped from the window falling 17 stories to his death. On March 14, politician and businessman, member of the Party of Regions Stanislav Melnik committed suicide. Prominent journalist Oles Buzina was shot dead near his house in Kiev in April. Afterwards, the Opposition Bloc slammed the Interior Ministry of Ukraine for political repressions.

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