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Moldova ready for talks on Transnistria without preconditions

Andrei Galbur, Minister for Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova, who is on a working visit to Moscow, met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. The sides approved the plan of the Moldova-Russia talks for the current year.

According to Galbur, Chisinau speaks for sooner resumption of the talks on Transnistria in the “5+2” format (Moldova, Transnistria – sides to the conflict, Russia, Ukraine – guarantor states, EU and U.S. – observers) without any preconditions.  The last round of talks in the “5+2” format was held in July 2014.

The Moldovan minister said representatives of the mediators and observers in the negotiation process will visit Chisinau and Tiraspol as early as on April 5-6.

“I hope, during the consultations, we will make a progress and by combined efforts pave the way to the resumption of the talks in the ‘5+2’ format without preconditions. It is very important for us that all the international partners involve in this process act together and on the basis on a common agenda,” Galbur said.

Andrei Galbur’s visit to Moscow specified the views of Moldova’s leadership concerning the confidence building between the sides and observation of the principle of equal rights in the dialogue for the settlement problems, interlic reports.

“We share the view that the “5+2” configuration is the only universally accepted format for the conduct of the talks. We agree that it is necessary to restore the viability of this mechanism by taking small albeit specific steps and switch over from simple to complicated issues, including the determination of the final status of Transnistria as part of a united, indivisible and neutral Moldova,” Sergey Lavrov said.

 “In this light, there are two important principles: first, the Republic of Moldova must not become an area of geopolitical confrontation. Quite the contrary, it may become a platform for cooperation. Second, it is important that all the international subjects respect its sovereign choice in favor of the European vector of development and modernization of the country. This will help us ensure constructive cooperation with all our partners,” the Moldovan minister said for conclusion.

EADaily reported earlier that a week before, State Secretary – Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Grigory Karasin traveled to Moldova and Transnistria. One of the key issues on agenda of the consultations was the prospects of relaunching the talks on the Transnistria settlement.

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