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Ukraine’s ex-president Yanukovych weighs comeback

Viktor Yanukovych. Photo: forumdaily.com

Ex-president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, who lost his post after the 2014 coup and fled to Russia, says he is going to return to the country and to his post, Yanukovych’s lawyer Vitaly Serdyuk said today, on March 1.

“He has an intention to return to Ukraine. To that end, legal steps will be taken. Yanukovych has not stepped down as president of Ukraine and has not withdrawn from his duties. The procedure of his dismissal was a gross violation of Ukraine’s constitution,” Serdyuk said in an interview with glavcom.ua.

“Yanukovych is not on the international wanted list and can travel freely,” the lawyer explained. “However, there is still a threat to his life and safety in Ukraine.”

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