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Moldovan opposition has united for the period of antigovernment protests

Leader of the Dignity and Truth Civil Platform in Moldova Andrei Năstase says none of the protesting people’s demands has been fulfilled in Moldova.

Speaking on Unimedia TV, Năstase said they have not even considered the people’s demands. “When we demand early elections, remember what we had started from: the investigation into the theft of the century - loss of $1 billion from the banking system of Moldova – return of the money and others. When those demands were rejected, we demanded resignation, and then snap elections,” he said.

He said people have been protesting for already a year, the number of protesters has increased to hundreds of thousands.

The Dignity and Truth Civil Platform is committed to the European vector of the country’s development after snap elections are held in Moldova. Andrei Năstase said the Dignity and Truth has united with the Party of Socialists of the Republic of Moldova and “Our Party” in the fight against the incumbent authorities to rally the nation round the flag despite their different political views. Năstase said, “People with different political views have united to achieve snap elections, while the current politicians have left, as people no longer want to see them.”

Năstase said some people try to discredit his Platform for uniting with other forces in the protests. “If socialists enlist the support of some public groups, why shouldn’t we join them in fighting the incumbent authorities? We are happy to see everyone at our protest actions irrespective of their political views,” he explained.

Năstase is sure that the Association Agreement with the EU will be implemented and the Dignity and Truth will contribute to it. “Part of the population is for the European integration now, while the other part supports accession to the Eurasian Economic Union. There are also people who have not made their choice yet and there is a chance that they may support the European vector. We will not have such chances in a year. There is a risk that some pro-Russian forces will drive the country towards different direction,” he said. 

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