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Protesters burst into Moldovan parliament, police using riot control weapons

Protest actions near the Moldovan parliament are getting very hot. The protesters have breached a police cordon at rear doors of the legislative body. Many of them managed to climb the stairs and pushed police officers out of there.

These actions resulted in a scuffle. Police officers used truncheons. Shooting-like sounds are heard.

The protesters are chanting: “We shall not surrender!”, “Down with mafia!”, “Early elections!” and breaching police cordons. The police used teargas against the crowd.

Police detained several activists. Reportedly, members of the newly approved government were convoyed out of the building by the guard.

The protest action started after the Moldovan authorities controlled by the notorious oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc announced an extraordinary session of the parliament in order to approve the cabinet of ministers headed by one of Plahotniuc’s allies – Pavel Filip. The process went without necessary discussion of the government’s action plan and took about 30 minutes.

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