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Crimea refuses from Ukraine electric power supply “irreversibly”

First Deputy Prime Minister of the Crimean government Mikhail Sheremet said Crimea has fully refused from Ukraine electric power supply.

“We have refused from Ukraine’s electricity inalterably. We do not need it. We have never relied on it. During the recent period, we did not even connect it to the general energy scheme of the peninsula,” Sheremet said.

In his words, Crimea is able to cover the demand for electricity through increase in power generation and supply from the Krasnodar region through an energy bridge.

“We do not take the Ukrainian authorities seriously, as they have never observed any contract properly,” Sheremet said.

EADaily reported earlier that one more mobile gas-turbine power plant with a capacity of 22.5MW was launched in Crimea. It was delivered to the peninsula from the Far East Federal District.

In early December, an energy bridge was launched to Crimea from the continental Russia. The energy system of the country was connected to the general Russian system. The second line with a capacity of up to 400MW was inaugurated on December 15. Another two links of the power bridge with as much capacity will be launched this spring to make Crimea independent from Ukraine’s electricity.

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