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Yevgeny Rublev: Europe and Multiculturalism. Facts for thought

Just a year ago, we would hardly imagine such a New Year in Europe in 2016. In Belgium, they were forced to cancel the fireworks and all that was planned for the celebrations. In Paris, the annual fireworks display on the Champs Élysées was called off. In London, British Transport police had extra officers equipped with guns (generally, British policemen have no guns). [1]

But the worse came a few days later in Cologne, when hundreds (or even over one thousand) North African and Middle Eastern immigrants threw fireworks at people and attacked women. Similar things happened in Helsinki, Salzburg, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Zurich and some other European cities. [2]

Free European mass media needed as many as five days to report the incidents. By the way, in the United States, President Barack Obama also needed five days to admit that the shooting in San Bernardino was a terrorist attack. It seems that five days is the time authorities in the West need to realize that they can no longer hush up or deny an incident. But this is true for force majeure only. The long-term consequences of the uncontrolled immigration from the third world have been ignored for many years already.

Since the 1970s, the rape rate in Sweden has grown by 14 times to the third highest level in the world after South Africa and Botswana. The ethnicity of the criminals is kept secret, so, we can only imagine how many of them are immigrants. Over 66% of all refugees given shelter in Sweden are men. 90% of them are under 18. In 2015, 71% of all refuge seekers were men. In 2015, Sweden received 18,617 male teenagers against 2,555 female teens in addition to 103,299 boys and 97,514 girls already living in the country. As a result, now there are 123 boys per each 100 girls. [3]

Not only do those 18,615 boys represent a culture rejecting gender equality but they also have almost no chances to date or marry Swedish girls. So, the high rape rate in Sweden is not a surprise. This is why the outcast of the Swedish politics, the Sweden Democrats, whom mass media call “Nazi scum” now enjoy high popularity among voters. According to recent polls, they are supported by as many as 26% of Swedes.

The prevalence of males of other culture in Swedish society may lead to very dramatic consequences. The authorities can avert them, but the current Western ideology will hardly help them in the matter.

The reluctance of European governments to admit existing problems may prove to be fatal for some of their citizens. In Dec 2015, a man met two young refugees in a park in Gothenburg and offered to help them by giving clothes and food. In the house the Swede was battered to death just because he was gay. [4]

Had the man been timely informed by mass media that such people might be dangerous for gays (just because in their home countries people are killed or imprisoned for being gay), he would have been more careful. For European women things are no better – their behavior is much different from how women behave in the most of the countries the immigrants are from.

But most fervent in their campaigns for gays and women’s rights, the western progressive forces are now strangely silent. They will organize flash mobs and will boycott products, if they in Russia adopt a law banning gay relationships among teens, but they will not even notice if they in India make sodomy a crime. They ignore women’s problems in Saudi Arabia, but they will be outraged if a Formula 1 winner sprays champagne over a girl. Even more, when it turned out that the police in the British town of Rotherham had ignored over 1,400 assault cases in the local Pakistan community (so as not to be labeled as racists), feminists were also silent. Why? Because it is a taboo in Europe to criticize a person whose skin is other than white. [5]

This exactly why, when asked to comment on the Cologne events, Joan Rolling focused on the rights of the attacked women rather than the race of the attackers. In other words, in Cologne women were attacked by men, that's all! [6]

Australian feminist Clementine Ford went even further by saying in Twitter: “F***ing morons arguing that ending migration will ‘protect’ women from rape. Translation: only we are allowed to rape our women.” [7]

But the actions of the authorities are even more painful for locals. People are denied access to schools because of refugees, they are moved from big houses to smaller ones because of refugees (in case of council housing). [8]


We wonder what the Europeans should sacrifice their security and the future of their children for. Why are their governments pushing policies that are incompatible with their long-term prosperity goals?

The arguments of the progressive liberals are as follows: first, we must help whoever is in danger; second, each person has the right to live wherever he or she likes as countries are just lines on the map; third, all cultures are equal and European ones have no special value; and, fourth, population in Europe is growing older, birth rate is low, so, immigration is the only way for Europe to survive. Let’s try to find counter-arguments.

Excessive altruism

Well, it sounds nice: it is normal for human society to help a neighbor. In Europe, altruism is welcome and is even compulsory. Most of us feel well when they help people in need.

But excessive altruism may have destructive consequences. Excessive altruism was brilliantly described in one of the best novels of all times - The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha. Excessive altruism harms both the benefactor and the beneficiary and gives rise to social parasites.

We see that most immigrants prefer Sweden and Germany to the Baltics. What are they looking for – security or higher benefits? The father of the boy that was found dead on a Mediterranean beach had worked in Turkey for three years. Did they flee from war?

Even if some of the immigrants actually flee from war – I can hardly imagine so many young people fleeing to other countries instead of defending their own ones. Can Europe help the whole world? Or will it itself turn into a third world in the end?

You must help the others but not at the expense of the future of your children and not by giving the others what your fathers created for centuries.

Are countries just lines on the map?

How can one guarantee the right of any person to live wherever he likes? What if all people decide to live in Nice or Zurich? Are all of them welcome? And what about culture, heritage? A German can never become a Japanese in Japan – just because he represents another culture. His children will not be Japanese either as they will not be brought up by Japanese. In Goncharov’s Oblomov, Stolz spoke Russian, but he was German. Culture is more than just language. In a ZDF film about immigrants we can see teens speaking fluent German, but they are not part of German culture as they prefer their own native customs. [9]

So, by saying that countries are just lines on the map, we mean that people living there should not feel themselves connected to their ancestors and feel no need to preserve their country and culture for their descendants. Each person has the right to have his own opinion, but why are they in Europe trying to impose their opinion on others? The EU’s policy is to turn Europe into something like the United States of America. And the import of people from the third world is one of their tools.

Are all cultures equal?

If all cultures are equal, why are they trying to impose their views and to change their countries? If all cultures are equal, why should immigrants wish to become Germans or Swedes? So, this argument is used only for blaming those displeased with how immigrants behave.

Traditions are essential for any society. For Germans, a police car symbolizes discipline, but what if most of the people in a crowd are not Germans and they don’t care for police?

Immigration as a response to low birth rate

This argument is supported not only by progressive liberals but even by conservatives.

But population is not just figures, is it? Just imagine Japan importing millions of Filipinos each year just to keep its population high. In a few decades it will stop being Japan. Will the Japanese be happy? Are they ready to sacrifice their culture for some economic benefits?

What's next

In the years to come we may face serious changes. The crisis of 2008 was followed by the Arab Spring.

Today the crisis is even bigger. And it covers not only the United States but also China, where economic growth in the next years will be just statistics. The inflow of refugees into Europe is all but good for its stability.

The European governments will hardly be able to control this process. But this may have a positive aspect as well. Perhaps, this collision with reality will bring us all to senses.


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