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Plotnitsky: Kiev holding captive about 1,200 residents of Lugansk People’s Republic

Head of Lugansk People's Republic Igor Plotnitsky. Photo: lifenews.ru

Kiev security officers are holding captive about 1,200 residents of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR), Igor Plotnitsky, head of the LPR, told a news conference at the LuganskInformCenter.

“We are constantly verifying these figures. By our data, there are 1,200 people, if I am not mistaken,” he said. In his words, Kiev says the self-defense forces hold captive 1,500 people. “These are not just figures. Flesh and blood people are behind these figures. You know that there has been an exchange of captives in Lugansk recently. Among the captives there were four officers of our People’s Militia.   They are here in Lugansk now, with their families. We will be talking to them later, and render medical and other assistance to them, if necessary,” the head of the republic said. “This is not about figures. They must understand that we are ready to fight for every person, the more so as under the Minsk Agreements we, unlike Ukraine, are working on the ‘all for all’ principle.”

Kiev is not ready to agree on a document on withdrawal of weaponry of less than 100mm caliber from the engagement line in Donbass. “We have prepared these documents trice, and you know that both the Donetsk Peoples Republic and we have already pulled back the weaponry,” Plotnitsky recalled. “Simply, Ukraine is not ready to or cannot do the same,” he said.

As to the elections, Plotnitsky said they may be held simultaneously with the DPR. “It is not of fundamental importance for us to conduct elections simultaneously with the DPR. Besides, we can always agree upon that with Alexander Vladimirovich (Zakharchenko), if we need it,” he said.

EADaily reported earlier that the local elections in DPR are scheduled for October 18, the ones in LPR will be held on November 1.

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