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Baku is for cooperation with Pentagon, but against U.S. Department’s “policy of double standards”

Chief of the General Staff Colonel General Najmaddin Sadigov. Photo: trend.az

U.S. Embassy has responded to the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry’s statement saying that Baku seeks development of the relations with Pentagon, according to Turan, an Azerbaijani agency. In response, the Embassy said the United States’ readiness to launch long-term cooperation with Azerbaijan, including in the military filed, is unchangeable.

After gaining independence, Azerbaijan has taken numerous steps and measures to upgrade its military capability, fight terrorism and drug trafficking, the Embassy said in a comment. “We deeply value this collaboration, as well as our ongoing work with Azerbaijan through NATO. Our close cooperation and support continue to this day. The U.S. policy toward Azerbaijan is based on our strong commitment to working together to achieve the brightest future possible for both our countries.” Turan recalls the meeting of Chief of the General Staff is Colonel General Najmaddin Sadigov with the U.S. military attaché in Baku at the behest of Azerbaijan. Colonel General Sadigov called on the U.S. military attaché to restore the military cooperation of the two countries “despite the non-constructive policy of the U.S. Department of State.” The given wording was included in the official statement of Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry that was published after Sadigov’s meeting with the military attaché to Baku.

“There has been certain cooling in the relations of Azerbaijan and U.S. for about a year already. Despite the non-constructive policy of the Department of State towards our republic, Azerbaijan demonstrates its achievements and successes to the world. The evident provocative publications and actions of the Department of State did not hold Azerbaijan from hosting the first European Games at the highest level, achieving sustainable economic growth, providing media and guests with an opportunity to make sure that there is democracy and freedom in our country. All this is happening amid real upgrading of the combat efficiency of Azerbaijan’s Armed Forces,” the Defense Ministry said in a press release.

The ministry said that Azerbaijan remains as a reliable partner of NATO successfully fulfilling its mission in Afghanistan, despite “the policy of double standards” of the Department of State.
General Sadigov hopes “the Department of State officials will stop interfering into the fulfillment of the military cooperation plans, the militaries will not do politicians’ bidding that undermines the coordinated and approved plans, and our countries will be able to increase the level of interaction and cooperation,” Turan reports.

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