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Ukraine Armed Forces General Staff anticipating no Russian offensive so far

Photo: gazeta.ru

No large-scale offensive of the Russian troops on Ukraine is possible in the near future, Vladislav Seleznyov, the head of the Ukraine Armed Forces General Staff press-office said on the Ukrainian television.

The General Staff commandment is sure that no large-scale offensive is possible unless there are preconditions for it. However, they are not any.

“To launch an offense, the situation inside the regions bordering with Russia should be shattered enough. Otherwise, the actions of the Russian Armed Forces will not be efficient enough to achieve the desirable result,” Seleznyov said.

He said the rumors about the offensive are groundless, as the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Staff is well informed of the situation on the border with the Russian Federation.

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“We receive information from various sources, including from our western partners. We have also operative data from our sources in the occupied territories,” Seleznyov said.

Earlier, Supreme Rada deputy from the People's Front Party Anton Gerashchenko published what he called a secret plan of the Russian Armed Forces General Staff on the seizure of Ukraine’s left-bank territory.  According to the parliamentarian, the ‘plan’ was approved on April 8-9 2015 at the headquarters of the Western Military District in Saint Petersburg. Under the plan, he said, Russia is set to gain control over the territory and communications within 15 days, without siege of big cities and regional centers.

The Russian Defense Ministry dismissed the reports calling the document fake.

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