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Serzh Sargsyan: If necessary, Russia will render military assistance to Armenia

If necessary, Russia will render military assistance to Armenia, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan said in an interview to Vladimir Pozner in his show last night. He noted that Armenia and Russia had discussed the issue of Russia selling weapons to Azerbaijan.

“We have discussed the subject with Vladimir Putin many times, we could not keep out of it. The matter is we have efficient army now, it is really efficient, for which we need a lot of money. Armenia does not have it, it means this can be due to allies’ assistance, Russia being one of them. This means that Russia has been and continues rendering military and technical assistance to Armenia,” the president noted.

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He believes that in the situation Armenia finds itself now, the defense minister and the president must be ready for a war at any moment. Meanwhile, he said the Russian supplies of weapons to Azerbaijan are not a problem of breaching the balance of forces in the region, but a psychological problem, as an Armenian frontier guard comprehends that he is fired at from weapons brought from his ally.

“And this is a hard point. I hope the Russian General Staff and other institutions of the army do comprehend what can be the result of breaching the balance of forces, and I hope they are doing the right calculation. I hope those who made the decisions have calculated everything,” the Armenian president said.

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