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Son of former Ukrainian president dies in Baikal

For the third day already various mass media have been reporting the death of the younger son of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

The website of the Party of Regions officially confirmed the reports on Monday.

“Our colleague, former MP, one of the youngest members of the 5th and 6th Supreme Radas Viktor Yanukovych Jr. died in a tragic accident in Baikal on Mar 20. He was just 33,” the press service of the party says, expressing condolences to Yanukovych’s parents, wife and son.

According to Ukraine’s Interior Minister’s assistant Anton Gerashchenko, the micro-bus Yanukovych was in fell under ice.

Later an official of Russia’s Emergency Ministry confirmed that there was such an accident. The driver died, five passengers were rescued, but there was no Viktor Yanukovych among them.

Viktor Yanukovych Jr. was the younger son of the former President of Ukraine. He was a member of the 5th and 6th Supreme Radas and Honorary President of Young Regions NGO. 

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