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Head of Ukraine's State Financial Inspection: Corruption schemes in Ukraine are controlled by Yatsenyuk

Head of Ukraine's State Financial Inspection Mykola Hordienko, suspended for the time of official investigation against him, made a report at the Supreme Rada about the corruption schemes in the Arseniy Yatsenyuk government, Ukrainian media outlets reported on March 18.   

In particular, Hordienko pointed out corruption schemes in privatization of Ukrtelecom. He said that the specified violations amount to billions of hryvnias. “Nearly 4,000 audits conducted in 2014 revealed a damage worth over UAH 7.6bn, which is twice as much as in the previous year,” he said.

The official blamed the Ukrainian government headed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk for continuing the corrupt practices. “The corruption inherited from Yanukovych is not eradicated and now these schemes are controlled by the Yatsenyuk government,” he said.  

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According to Hordienko, the Government hinders the detection of the corruption schemes of former prime minister Nikolai Azarov, who was dismissed by Viktor Yanukovych upon the opposition's demand. Hordienko pointed out that all the audit findings were submitted for further investigation, the Prosecutor's Office arraigned charges against Yanukovych and Kolobov, and the latter was detained in Spain. “After a while, however, it has become obvious that the investigation is hampered by the government,” he said.

He noted that the transfer of Ukrtelecom back into the state ownership is also hampered. “To conceal the corruption facts, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk suspended me from duty and prevented further inspections at the state institutions,” he said. 

Hordienko officially applied to the Prosecutor General’s Office to audit the Yatsenyuk government’s activities. He called on the Ukrainian President to personally control the investigation and urged the MPs to initiate the resignation of the government if the facts of corrupt practices are confirmed. 

It is noteworthy that Hordienko also stressed the need to suspend Yatsenyuk until the end of investigation.

EAD has previously reported that today Mikhail Golovko, Ukrainian MP from Svoboda (Freedom) Party, demanded resignation of the Yatsenyuk government.

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