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Burjanadze: Georgia has a historic opportunity to drag South Stream to its territory

Leader of the Georgian United Democratic Movement Nino Burjanadze suggests that the Georgian government offered Russia and Turkey to lay in a new gas pipeline through the Georgian territory. The announcement on the new pipeline was made after Moscow refused to implement the South Stream project. According to the Kviris Palitra newspaper, Burjanadze also said the pipeline could give a historic opportunity to Georgia to renew a direct dialog with Russia and Abkhazia.

“Today, South Stream construction has been stopped. Laing in a new pipeline through the Georgian territory is very profitable for Russia, as a land route will be much cheaper than a sea route. This can be an extra revenue for us. Besides, it will give an opportunity for a direct dialog with Russia and Abkhazia, as the gas pipeline will have to pass the Abkhaz territory as well,” Burjanadze said.

Speaking on domestic processes in Georgia, the leader of the United Democratic Movement noted that there are serious problems in all branches of government. “There is practically no majority in the parliament; there is an interim coalition there built on money and certain interests. The government is very weak and ineffective,” Burjanadze said.

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