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Russian embassy refuted "Russians attack" on British fans in Kiev

The Russian embassy in London has commented in its Twitter account a publication of The Daily Mirror's article on the "Russians attack" on British football fans in Kiev. The diplomatic mission explained to the newspaper that the Russian language is the most common among the inhabitants of Kiev.

"Ignorance or conscious fake news? @DailyMirror blames “Russians” for attack on Liverpool fans at #UCLFinals because they spoke Russian," the statement of the Russian embassy said.

The diplomatic mission stressed that the "Russian males of conscription age are not let in by Ukraine border force, and Russian is the most spoken language in Kiev."

Recall that on May 24, about 20 people in masks attacked the fans of Liverpool, who arrived in Kiev for the Champions League final and spent leisure time in the Rooster restaurant. As one of the victims told journalists, the hooligans stormed the house, were throwing windows, tables and chairs at the British. As a result of the attack, several people got head and neck cuts.

The attack on the Liverpool fans committed by the "Russians" was reported by The Daily Mirror on May 25. As the news outlet wrote, "Russian ultra football thugs are suspected of being behind a terrifying attack on Liverpool fans in the Ukrainian capital." Explaining this point, The Daily Mirror noted that the organizers of the attack wore T-shirts with inscriptions in Russian ("All against us, we are against all"). 

After the attack, police in Kiev detained 18 people who were members of the radical Trouble Company group, which supported the CSKA Kiev football club. It was reported that Ukrainian fans also tried to provoke a fight near the stadium, where the final of the main club tournament of the Europe took place.

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