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Ukraine ready for compromise with IMF on gas price

Ukraine is not ready at the moment to fulfill the IMF requirement to bring the gas price for consumers to the market level, the deputy head of the Supreme Rada Energy Committee Alexander Dombrovsky has announced today.

However, under a current Ukrainian trend, he immediately announced with optimism that the hope to have another IMF tranche this year is quite real, because “the parties are ready for a dialog.” According to the MP, the hopes are getting stronger as the talks with the IMF “are held by the president.”

“These are hard and hot discussions. They have their own truth, we have ours. The IMF sees the capital and economy as figures. Many in the West and in America do comprehend that money is important, but people are a more important asset,” Dombrovsky stressed.

To remind, in last two years, Ukraine received two tranches $1bn each. The Kiev government hoped to have another tranche till the end of the year, but there is no decision on it yet.

Meanwhile, raising the gas price for consumers is not the only requirement of the IN+MF. Another basic condition is establishment of an independent anti-corruption court that would be controlled by international creditors.

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