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Serbian media: if Vučić does not agree to West’s conditions, he is dead

Aleksandar Vucic. Photo: RIA Novosti

The US, together with its partners, handed over the solution plan for the Kosovo problem to Serbian President Aleksandar Vučič, an unnamed source close to the president told Blic (Belgrade) on May 16. According to the source, Serbia called the plan "bad, but better than all previous ones."

"The United States and Western countries have laid down their principles, but they do not suit us fully. We cannot get any municipality (in Kosovo). The Community of Serb Municipalities will have its charter, but it is unclear what status it will have," Blic quoted the source as saying.

According to the publication, Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Asia Wess Mitchell, Deputy EU High Representative for the Foreign Policy Helga Schmidt and a representative of the United Kingdom participated in drafting this proposal for Kosovo.

"Vučić has received a document, which offers more than Serbia was offered earlier, and this is a positive circumstance. But the proposal is still unacceptable for the president. He understands well that this is an "indecent proposal" of the West that he cannot come out to the citizens with," the source of the Belgrade newspaper said.

Meanwhile, a representative of one of the Serbian non-governmental organizations confirmed to the news outlet that Wess Mitchell had presented the new proposal of the West to the staff of Serbian NGOs. He attended a meeting with the American diplomat, during which Mitchell expressed himself very openly. "If Vučić does not agree with the proposal, there are others who will agree. Rejecting the plan will be the end of both Vučić and Serbia," Blic quoted the representative of the Serbian non-governmental sector.

As the paper notes, the US and the West cannot wait and want to resolve the issue of Kosovo as soon as possible, and therefore the Western diplomacy works "at the sixth speed" so that the agreement between Belgrade and Pristina is signed as soon as possible.

As EADaily reported earlier Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said that the international community considers Kosovo's independence issue to be settled and does not want to discuss it. Nevertheless, he stressed, Serbia does not want to recognize Kosovo's independence and is seeking a compromise. According to Dacic, Serbia's only chance is to convince the US administration that if no solution is found for Kosovo that suits both the Serbs and the Albanians, it will not be possible to stabilize the region.

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