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Parliamentary elections in Lebanon: Hizballah expects to win

On May 6, the first in nine years parliamentary elections were held. The vote counting still continues, results are expected to be announced in May 7.

Al Arabiya reports low voter turnout and Hizballah’s expectations of success.

President Michel Naim Aoun even had to call the electorate to come to polling stations an hour before the voting was closed.

According to the Lebanese Interior Ministry, the voter turnout was 49.2%. At the 2009 elections, it was 54%.

Hizballah and political forces close to it hope to have more than a half of the seats at the parliament.

At the same time, reportedly, the Sunni bloc led by current Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri will have enough support at the 128-mandate parliament to form a new cabinet. According to the Lebanese constitution, the prime minister’s post is to be taken by a representative of Sunnis.

The parliamentary elections in Lebanon were postponed several times due to the domestic political crisis and the war in neighboring Syria. The May 6 elections were held under the proportional electin system (on party lists).

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