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Gazprom expects export gas price to grow in 2018

Photo: ntv.ru

Gazprom expects growth of the export price for the gas supplies to other countries, deputy chair of the board of directors Alexander Medvedev has said.

According to him, the price of 1,000 cubic meters of gas supply to non-neighboring countries in 2018 will be about $230. “Comparing to last year, our forecasted price has grown. In the first quarter, the price was $232.04,” Prime quotes Medvedev as saying.

Besides, he noted that the price for neighboring countries will grow, but he did not specify the parameters of the growth. “Last year, the price was $162. I think that this year the price will be a bit higher,” the Gazprom official said.

EADaily needs to remind that the company’s budget for 2018 envisages that the export price will be $197 for 1.000 cubic meters.

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